An idyllic working farm in Portugal


At Quinta de Sant’Ana we enjoy ‘the best of both worlds’: nestled in rolling vineyards between the breathtakingly beautiful Atlantic coastline and the vibrant capital of Lisbon, Quinta de Sant’Ana is a place to experience authentic Portugal. We are dedicated to three activities: the production of top-quality wines, the hosting of guests in enchanting summer houses and the organization of tailor-made events for an international clientele. The spirit that courses through the veins of our operation is one of generosity and on the back of our conviction that “people with values provide valuable hospitality”.


A family affair

We’re a family farm and family is at the heart of our business. This is the land our seven boys call their home. Where they took their first steps, disappeared in the woods, built their dens, picked grapes and learnt the ropes of winemaking. Where they had childhood and teenage adventures and experienced freedom, such a privilege. We are fortunate to spend our days working together, surrounded by a team of caring individuals who share our vision of bringing more beauty and light into the world.

Authentic, characterful wines

We dedicate most of our time to wine. Every single day it is anything from planting, growing, feeding, berry tasting, harvesting, sorting, pressing, treading, cooling, observing, analysing, tasting again, filtering, stabilizing, storing, pruning, bottling, labelling until finally drinking the wine! And selling it!
The grapes grown in Quinta de Sant’Ana benefit from an Atlantic microclimate, with cool misty mornings and hot afternoons. In the carefully modernized cellar the ripe, handpicked grapes are used to produce distinctive characterful wines, which vividly reflect our interesting corner of Portugal. A wine tasting at Quinta de Sant’Ana is much more than a glass of wine: you will be experiencing an authentic wine culture, dive in its history, enjoy the exposure to beautiful nature and take away memories of the amazing tradition of Portuguese wine making.

Make us your first choice for

The most momentous day of your life

Think shades of green against ochre; the afternoon sunlight reflected off a soft patina
built up over centuries of careful whitewashing; think stone staircases and cobbles, worn smooth by generations; think ancient trees that could tell stories, white tumbling doves displaying their joie de vivre and obvious love for jazz in spectacular flight formations; wooden barrels stained by dark red wine, revealing traces of a working vineyard.

Sprinkle this with a dose of seasonality, fresh country food and delicious wine,
a team of friendly waiters, live music and you have the backdrop for your big day.
Just think: …what a wonderful world…

Organic matters

Wine, Honey and Flowers

Our quinta is our home

We strongly believe in a responsible, sustainable vineyard management, ensuring the health of the soil and vines now and for future generations. Our Quinta is our home, and the vineyards are part of the Quinta’s wider ecosystem – we do our utmost to encourage its natural vitality and diversity.
We care deeply about the soils and are committed to conducting our business in harmony with nature.

Corporate Events

Want to focus on team-building?

We offer various in- and outdoor venues, open fields, woods, valleys and a lake, perfect for a range of team-building activities or unforgettable picnic spots.