Organic Flowers

The humming sound of bumble bees and insects affirm the healthy environment in which our wines are made. Over the years organic growing practices and integrated sustainability have been part of every decision we make – lowering our crop yield but visibly increasing the quality together with an abundant flora of wildflowers, herbs and grasses.

We are a FAMILY BUSINESS: organic flowers & wine and hospitality.
Flowers radiate beauty into our ever-faster world. They beam a bright message, using their own language: a dictionary consisting of the widest of colour palettes, the most intricate, crazy shapes, and the most seducing, heavenly aromas. We count ourselves lucky to understand this language, it has the power to move us.
Growing and arranging special, unique varieties of flowers is a vocation as much as an art form. For our bouquets we use only natural and seasonal flowers, adding wild, eye-catching details.
We use naturally grown, unforced flowers, with quirky imperfections, adding grasses, aromatic herbs and pods to enhance colour nuances and subtle, seasonal details.

About us

Self-taught in horticulture and fl­oristry, we dedicate the fertile valley bottom of our vineyard to grow ­flowers & to create arrangements, that spread joy. Flowers help reconnect with the natural world, and we have a wonderful time reconnecting!

We organically grow over one hundred varieties for artisanal flower designers and for our weddings. We both love working with plants, and our initial idea to produce our own flowers for weddings soon expanded into a bigger project, when we realized that there is a real hunger for naturally grown blooms.

Regardless of all the sleepless nights and the gigantic learning curve we are to face with our seasonal, organic, pesticide and fungicide free flowers, we are confident that we will produce heaps of beauty and joy with this latest project. Wish us luck!

Organic & Sustainable

Fresh, local and seasonal: it is as though nature breathes a sigh of relief since our conversion to organic farming. We witness the increase of biodiversity on our farm.
We commit to organic growing methods providing food for bees. Small plots, no use of chemical fertilizers, no pesticides, no preservatives. We compost our green waste, giving back “gardeners gold”; we source locally and organic. We avoid the use of one-way plastics. Our work is led by our aspiration to inspire in others a responsibility to care and protect our natural environment. Our carbon emissions are low, our flowers are not transported by air across the world.
For you this means scented, seasonal and sustainable flowers.