Countryside Saturday Lunch 24th October 2020


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Tacho ao lume

…the natural way of cooking

We all remember certain occasions our mothers cooked a dish, usually without recipe and when we close our eyes and imagine those family days, when different ingredients were layered in a big pot over an open fire, the memories come flooding back: we can hear the crackling of the wood, while the small bubbles rose to the surface, the stew simmering gently for hours.

We recall the aromas of bacon, vegetables, spices and smoke…we remember the intensity of the flavours, but most importantly the warm feeling it gave us for sharing it with our family!

When: Saturday 24th October | Time: Gate opens at 12:00
What: A walk in the vineyards and an autumnal open fire lunch
Where: At Quinta de Sant’Ana – Gradil –

Join us, you’ll enjoy a day in the countryside and leave with the smell of the wood fire lingering.

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