Vineyard Picnic – Take Away


Includes Picnic Hamper and walk in the vineyards
Minimum 2 adults – Maximum 6 people

136 in stock


On arrival at the Quinta, your picnic hamper is ready for collection. A personalized map will show you the best spots.

Picnic hamper with traditional pulled pork sandwich, tinned Atlantic delicacies, homemade tapas, fruit from local producers, fresh lemonade, and sweet homemade cakes to finish. All topped off with a wander in our vineyards.

Note: Minimum 2 adults. Maximum 6 people.
Subject to request after purchase.
For all reservations until May 2nd, purchase limited to maximum 6 people per spot, unless it is a family or cohabitants.
For reservations from May 3rd onwards, purchase limited to maximum 10 people per spot, unless it is a family or cohabitants.  

Limited occupancy. 
As a product that requires outdoor space, if the weather conditions do not allow (reconfirmation the day before), the picnic may be rescheduled.
Pets are welcome if secured on a leash.
QSA follows the health rules in force by the Portuguese Law and the General Direction of Health. 

For more information please contact

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