If you are looking to provide a unique experience in beautiful natural settings, a relaxed, exclusive atmosphere yet maintaining high standards of service, look no further...
Please note: fully booked for Weddings 2024

About to tie the knot?

Imagine arriving in a small Portuguese village, slowing down a pace as you wind
through narrow cobbled streets, passing picturesque whitewashed houses with flowerpots
and friendly locals at the windows, a breeze coming in from the Atlantic,
the reassuring sounds of the countryside…

Now imagine entering through the big gates of a country estate, surrounded by ivy-covered walls, a manor house, a Baroque chapel
with bell tower, lush gardens, green lawns, mature trees and exotic palms, in the background rolling vineyards and eucalyptus forests
as far as the eye can see…
Finally imagine your wedding day, the feeling of butterflies as you walk down the aisle, a colourful reception, smiling faces, flower girls,
white tumbling doves and as you enter the dining hall the faint aroma of floor polish, ironed table linen and the delicate perfume of fresh flowers. Music in the background, blending in with the happy chatting and laughter of family and friends and the sounds of clinking glasses. Slowly the candles burn down… Enough of dreaming! Whether you want to celebrate in a small circle or in a big way, let us help you make your dreams come true…

Make us your first choice for

The most MOMENTOUS day of your life

Think shades of green against ochre; the afternoon sunlight reflected off a soft patina
built up over centuries of careful whitewashing; think stone staircases and cobbles, worn smooth by generations; think ancient trees that could tell stories, white tumbling doves displaying their joie de vivre and obvious love for jazz in spectacular flight formations; wooden barrels stained by dark red wine, revealing traces of a working vineyard.

Sprinkle this with a dose of seasonality, fresh country food and delicious wine,
a team of friendly waiters, live music and you have the backdrop for your big day.
Just think: …what a wonderful world…


Share your vision with us and lead us “off the beaten track” – Ann and her team are happy to go along with your ideas as over the last 20 years we have become experts in setting the frame for magic. You will have to do the rest though!

**fully booked for Weddings 2024**

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