A glorious, hot summer is drawing to a close, the vineyards have survived, the leaves rustle in the autumnal updraft.

It has been unbearably dry, but the recent quenching rains have overnight given hope and a dash of green…  

We are thankful for the grapes, there may be less than usual, but they are wonderfully aromatic and showing great promise….  

Over the last two years we have watched our world turn upside down, and for many of us, our world view too. The steady, uninterrupted heartbeat of life in the countryside is reassuring. Our team has grown, both in numbers and in performance: we have never felt so united, so coordinated, so focused with so much talent and team spirit, so much hard and dedicated work – it often felt like a well-choreographed dance. Our team is our greatest asset! 

After three years, we are looking forward to the 13th time we are preparing for the Festival da Nossa Terra

This year it has gained even more momentum as so many of us struggled to accept the many far-reaching rules and restrictions and really feel like celebrating. So let us experience the magic of being part of a community, let us heal and let us fly high, as the free spirits we were born to be and always will be.  

Let’s not move in the way fear makes us move, but in the way love and joy make us move.

So, join us to celebrate our freedom and let´s welcome the spectacular Portuguese Autumn Festival with music, dance and a few glasses of Quinta de Sant’Ana wine!  

Same time, same place: last October Sunday, 30st of October,
gates open from 12:00 – 18:00. Ends at 22:00.


*Currently Sold Out*
It is our intention to bring the Festival da Nossa Terra back to its roots. This means we need to manage the growing demand and limit entries; if you wish to attend, please register here to purchase your ticket on a first come first serve basis.

If it is your first time: you can expect magnificent live music, tractor rides, traditional games, a charity auction, birds of prey, colourful folcloric dancers, Djs, children’s entertainment, hog roast BBQ lunch with rustic country soups, sweet rice, three glasses of wine plus tasting glass, água-pé, sodas, water and lots of food stands!   

Important: This open-air charity event is held in a private home. Please bring clothing appropriate to the weather. We ask all participants to treat the grounds with due respect, behaving responsibly and civilized, ‘don’t come as a passenger’, contribute in a positive way, be gentle when interacting with our animals (and us!) and please make sure both your own and everyone else´s children are safe.   

All profits go to local charity: Casa Mãe do Gradil (local orphanage); Nossa Senhora de Nazaré (local community) and to various initiatives to help the elderly and lonely people in our village. 

Children’s Tickets available (5-17). 

Event: 13th Festival da Nossa Terra 

Date & Hour 30 October 2022 at 12:00h