When, against all odds, the sun came out, the music ignited, and the spirit of celebration filled the air, we all knew we had completed yet another season: Festival da Nossa Terra is here!

For us and our community, at the end of the harvest, we love to let our hair down, dance, connect, and embrace life. Getting involved in the preparations and mucking in on the day is an essential part of the experience.


This festival is loved for the whirlwind of activities, the vibrant colours of the vineyards, bands bringing the house down with their all-enthralling music, and last not least the authenticity of delicious food and wine.


Some danced to the rhythm of their heart, unleashed by their inner festival fashionista, creating “eye candy” for our photographers, elevating all of our festival experience to a whole new level!


Heads spinning, feet hurting, some hearts too, but the many hugs and the happy smiling faces that kept bobbing up in the crowd during the day, make memories that last a lifetime, or at least until next year!