On 15th June we flung open the gates to welcome professional flower lovers on one of the first proper sunny summer days.

It was a handpicked bunch of people we were eager to present our organic flowers to. The programme involved a wander through the vineyards, a leisurely tour round the flower fields followed by a short presentation of our project in the shaded open timber barn by James.

The cherry on the cake was a masterclass by artisanal flower designers Albane and Luís from Kckliko, who shared their passion and obvious love for anything floral with the attentive crowd. They picked the flowers they wanted to work with and arranged them beautifully in one of Ann’s handmade ceramic bowl, it was a true delight for us to see these two elements coming together.

And then a refreshing glass of our Merlot Rosé, and because it was so hot it had to be a Magnum! Chef Adriano had prepared some delicious cakes and biscuits with edible blooms – both pretty, relevant and if anybody was not yet convinced, had to succumbe to the persuasive beauty of blooms now.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and we were reassured that consumers are becoming more and more aware of the massive ecological footprint that non-organic flowers leave.
Organic flowers are a luxury, true. But they come so alive, so full of a positive, life confirming message, offering a chance to connect and heal, that quite frankly they should be prescribed against depression.

And because many non-professionals requested workshops, keep your eyes open for a series of bespoke workshops lead by experienced florists covering various subjects.