Wedding flowers can soon transform us from very excited to downright overwhelmed! There are too many decisions, too much conflicting advice.
Most brides (and perhaps grooms) have dreamed of their wedding flowers since childhood. This means that the pressure is on for us florists and just the mention of the upcoming wedding date used to give me sleepless nights! The first weddings were so nerve-wracking that we soon learned to demystify the process for both the brides and us!


There are so many details in the organization of a wedding, but the question that seems to be causing most anxiety is: “what types of flowers shall I use for my wedding?”.

Most clients find it very difficult to describe a flower at all. Often it goes “white with small petals” or “the one my grandmother had in her garden”. Unless you work with flowers, most of us no longer know the flower names, neither the common flower names, even less the botanical name. There are so many types of flowers, their different varieties, and characteristics and while we scroll the internet and go through flower list after flower list, this is a vast field that most brides feel a bit out of their depth.

Most couples cannot look back at any experience, this lies in the nature of the wedding.  But why is there this gap of general botanical knowledge? One of the problems is the fast-paced life and the way most of us grow up: in an urban environment, without access to the countryside and disconnected from the natural cycle of life. Yet we all hunger for this connection with nature … because it makes us feel right! Because we are nature ourselves! That is why we all respond to flowers and there is nothing like a fragrant blossom that gives us that grounding sense of connection.
We can practically hear the sighs of relief when our brides find out we have streamlined the process by choosing a limited selection of lush garden-style flowers for their arrangements, made from our locally grown flowers. Choosing suddenly is a pleasure.

And that is why we like to be flower growers and give everything to produce fresh, beautiful, seasonal and organic flowers. Our flower list grows every year as we strive to bring distinctive, luxurious, non-traditional flowers to the bridal tables!

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