Last year, we ran out of our Classic white ‘Branco’ in four months, which we admit is an enviable position for any winery, especially for a classic range! However, whilst we are thrilled with the popularity of this wine, we hate to disappoint our customers with sold out stock… So this year a solution had to be found to ensure everyone has a bottle of this on their shelves.

To jazz up the usual composition of stainless-steel aged Fernão Pires, we decided to add 15% of Arinto that had aged in barrel. These two varieties make a harmonious blend as the Fernão Pires (Portugal’s most planted white grape!) offers good weight, an expressive fruit-forward profile, but can sometimes lack in acidity. That’s where the Arinto comes in. Even in hot years, Arinto (a variety that originated in the Lisbon area in Bucelas) maintains its acidity well into harvest, and so blended with the Fernão Pires, lifts the blend, keeping it vibrant and fresh. The aging in oak lends structure and complexity.

The result? Not only have we gained more quantity (9000 bottles for us may be minuscule for other wineries but for us, it’s a lot!) but also we now have a more complex blend that still manages to keep its reputation as a great crowd-pleaser and its versatility means it pairs beautifully with many dishes. To celebrate this change we have given the Branco a new outfit; bottle, label and capsule. The Rosé also follows suit with a new dress code. A touch more chic, modern, fresh.

All in all, if this isn’t yet in your summer wine shortlist, it really should be.

If you need any further persuading, we are offering 10% discount on the Branco until 15th July, please sign up to our Quarterly Bulletin here to receive the offer code.