Ease into your weekend with Good Friday celebrations accompanied by our new vintage Branco!

Perfect with Sexta Feira Santa fish dishes, this 2021 Fernão Pires BIO brings freshness and versatility to your wine pairings – orange blossom, basil and a touch of something more tropical. A steadfast favourite and reliable for larger groups with varied palates.

Our two options for Easter Sunday roasted lamb or goat, include our more perfumed, aromatic varieties. For those who prefer delicate, lighter wines, our Pinot Noir 2018 BIO is a classic choice, and the vibrant acidity of this wine cuts easily through fatty meats with bright cherry and forest floor flavours.

Meanwhile our new Touriga Nacional 2018 BIO is the answer for those of you looking for a richer fruit profile, more tannins and fuller body. Dark fruit and bright pepper and spice, entangled in oak ageing, but with an over-arching freshness that lifts the structure and demands a second glass.

The traditional Fular Doce and Pão de Ló desserts need lively acidity to freshen them – pair with our sweet Late Harvest Riesling to complete your Easter feast. Honeyed citrus and marmalade make this wine a match made in heaven for these seasonal desserts, and also for a cheeseboard.

In these dark times, as we watch nature bursting into new life, we celebrate Easter, Gods great YES to all of his creation, the promise of new life and the ground of hope. And hope is what we need more than ever.

So here’s to wish you all a Happy Easter and let’s “let the light in”!


Part of our family traditions is the Easter breakfast. With the best crockery, spring flowers, hand painted eggs, easter bunnies, cakes, buttered toast and homemade marmalade.
We had so many tangerines this year, we started our very own small marmalade production!