For most wine producers, much like children, you love all your wines equally, and are proud of them in equal measures. This is true for us at Quinta de Sant’Ana to a certain point, but there is one wine in particular which, if we were stranded on a desert Island, we couldn’t do without. The wine in question is our Homenagem a Barão – a reserva red dedicated to Ann’s Father Gustav.

“In 2007, when our father passed away, James and I dedicated our best reserve wine to him: our HOMENAGEM A BARÃO VON FURSTENBERG, we refer to as the “Papi Wine” in house. We only produce this in absolutely, exceptional vintages and it must be a certain percentage of each of our blending grapes, so we never quite know when the next Barão will be made. Many of our customer’s favourite, this is a beast of wine that deserves a big, juicy steak, or rich, roasted aubergines. Cassis, violets, green bell pepper and blackcurrants.” Ann Frost

However, not only for its sentimental significance, is the Homenagem special to us. We were absolutely elated when the current vintage of this wine, the 2015, was awarded 94 points last year by Mark Squires for Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate. Furthermore, only weeks later, it was presented with 18 points on the Portuguese Revista de Vinhos 20 point scale. A truly satisfying double achievement for a small wine estate like ours. Gustav would have been immensely proud!

So as Father’s Day in Portugal approaches next week, we thought it fitting to release a special Dia do Pai pack, where for a limited time only, you can purchase this highly-awarded 2015 vintage with Quinta de Sant’Ana wooden gift box, along with a printed story of this wine and a personalised Father’s Day gift tag.

“Having had a strong father figure, hugely devoted to Saint Joseph, I realize how lucky my siblings and I were. The absence of fathers is a sore sign of our todays broken society.  Today, more than ever, we all should celebrate the engaged, dependable, caring fathers, doing an incredibly difficult and important job. In the absence of a dad, this parenting role is often taken over by a grandfather, uncle, elder brother, family friend, teacher, sports coach, neighbour…
A toast to all these wonderful men who do not shy away from the most challenging job ever: parenting. All Papis do matter!” Ann Frost

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